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Are you here because you want more people to find your business and buy from you? That is what marketing is for. Marketing (and this website) is about doing activities that help gain exposure for your business and creating desire for people to want to purchase from you.

Don't Slave Away at a Business that Makes NO Money.
Grab the Bull by the Horns and Turn It Around! Our Experts Give You No-Nonsense Marketing Information
to Steer Your Work at Home Business to Thrive and Work for YOU.

This website will help educate and guide you through your marketing process. We provide you with resources and tools to help you develop and grow your business.

You will find:

  • Information and advice created by successful and seasoned work from home moms (WAHM)
  • Well-researched and tested instructional information and resources about developing marketing strategies
  • Assistance in developing a strong marketing strategy that will grow a competitive and profitable business
  • Help to gain the income and time to meet the individual needs of your family

Keep reading below about the different ways this website can help you and your business.

New To Marketing?

If you are new to marketing, the best place to start is with our marketing tutorials. They are packed with education that will help you get a great understanding of all the aspects of marketing. Go to our articles and start at the top. >

Some Things Stay the Same, Some Change

Marketing has been around for ages and most of the strategies are timeless and still work today. However, there have been many advances and new discoveries. Our blog > is a great place to read up on new developments and how we can use them in our strategies. Sign up to receive our emails to keep updated > when we have new content to share with you - this way you don't miss a thing.

Need a Little Guidance

We wouldn't leave you without some assistance. We have developed Do-It-Yourself coaching programs > to help you along your marketing journey. These multi-media courses include audio, videos, documents, and workbooks to learn what you need to put marketing strategies into action for your business. They are easy to apply and are made for the novice and the experienced.

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Link Building to Increase Your Blog's Readership

To many of those outside the industry, search engine optimization (SEO) garners up the same feelings I had for high school calculus: fear, resentment,

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Home Businesses Enrich Women's Lives

It's no wonder that many home businesses in this modern economy are started up by women. Women more than ever want to find ways they can support their

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Alternative Solutions With Results

I have been in my own business all my life and take pride in being a leader no matter what industry I am in. I pride myself in creating lasting relationships

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Home Party Plan Business & The Upsell

In recent years, the United States has come face to face with one of the worst economic downfalls since the Great Depression in 1930. Thousands of Americans

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How to Surround Yourself With Supportive People

Learn how to surround yourself with supportive people.

If you don't find the emotional support you expected from family and friends, you are not alone. See what other WAHMs have to say to help you surround yourself with supportive people. We have all felt this way.

Starting a business is a risk that is rewarding emotionally and financially. However, entrepreneurship is not taught in schools and in the media it is seen as a risk not worth taking. Small businesses are villianized in the media with stories showing how people got screwed over by businesses and they ignore the wonderful things small businesses do for the community and the economy.

With all the bad hype about small business and lack of education, it is no wonder you will have a hard time finding people to surround yourself with who are supportive.

Family and friends, unless they are entrepreneurs too, are the worst to get support from because they really do want to look out for your best interests. However, they don't know any better.

In this article you will learn about the people who will be the least supportive so you can avoid trying to receive support from them. Then I will share with you some great advice from other Work at Home Moms on how to surround yourself with supportive people.

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