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The Basics of Email Marketing for Your WAHM Business

An effective email marketing plan is one of the cornerstones of a successful online WAHM business. Since the early days of the Internet, email marketing has been one of the ways business owners use to contact consumers in order to make more sales.

When email marketing first hit the scene, because email was such a novel invention, WAHM marketers had a much easier task in finding ways to get their email opened, read, and converted into sales.

However, as spam became a growing problem, consumers grew less likely to read emails they thought contained a sales pitch. This means that in today's climate, any WAHM who hopes to be successful with an email marketing plan must learn to keep up with changing trends in this arena.

Though the effectiveness of email marketing may have faltered over the years, there are still plenty of WAHM marketers who know that email marketing builds business and they have used this knowledge to reap great rewards from their email marketing plan.

How Effective Is Email Marketing?

The return on investment per dollar of email marketing stands at 45.06% of every dollar spent, while the average cost per sale that can be attributed to email marketing is just $7 as opposed to $72 required for a sale through banner marketing. 67% of the consumers reported that they preferred emails over other channels of communication and marketing, while 80% of the marketers stated that email was one of the most powerful media for marketing efforts.

What Makes Email Marketing Effective

Cost effective: The figures given above aptly prove the claims of email marketing being one of the most cost effective forms of promotional initiatives. When compared with the steep cost of other marketing efforts and channels, email marketing yields results at a significantly lower cost.

Except for the small amount that you would need to spend to hire the services of a reputable auto responder service, your investment is nil. All you put in is your efforts and time in getting the messages ready.

Time efficiency: Email marketing can be achieved in two simple steps. Write the message, send it and then you are free to go about your daily routine. Yet, it would be a mistake to underestimate the impact of email based marketing. After all, through this strategy you are marketing to an audience that wants to buy or know more about the products that you are offering.

In email marketing, you spend your time in increasing the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and not in attracting new traffic.

Targeted: Email marketing is a highly targeted form of promotional activity. For instance, if you want to sell to the food stores in your area, you can get in touch with these establishments through an email that talks about the issues that these business encounter and how you can resolve them.

Through email based marketing, you can ensure that you are catering to targeted clientele. When people sign up on your opt in page and give you permission to send them messages, you get a list of people who are interested in products and services that are relevant to their niche. Therefore, as long as the products, services that you are offering in your messages are in tandem with their requirements, they will be happy to read your emails. In addition, a tangible benefit is the fact that this makes sales conversion easy and quick.

Quick Results: As compared to other promotional efforts, email marketing offers quick results. In addition, a by-product of such campaigns is an increase in the number of visitors to your site.

Measurable: Email marketing efforts and the results that they yield are tangible. Often the measurements of marketing metrics are crucial to determine the success of a campaign. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to measure the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns through web analytics.

What Makes Email Based Marketing Work?

Email marketing is poles apart from email blasting. It is a sound business building strategy that leads to a sales growth. The email addresses used are voluntarily offered by people who are interested in your promotional messages and the products that they market.

Develops relationships: Unlike email blasting that has a rather impersonal tone, email based marketing involves the use of strategies to build a relationship with the people in the list; and in keeping with this principle, not all emails sent out have promotional content.

The style of promotions: Another fundamental difference between email marketing ad email blasting is the promotional style used, while email blasting uses an ‘in your face' promotional tactic. Email marketing incorporates subtle messages that are written in a laid back and casual tone.

The value of the message: Unlike email blasting where every email is just another sales pitch, in email marketing the messages have value. So the marketer shares relevant information and interesting facts that the receiver will find useful.

Know the Rules:

Long gone are the days when you could innocently send mass numbers of marketing emails to huge lists of people you don't know and expect to get away with it. The government has some tough rules concerning sending unsolicited emails.

To keep you and your WAHM business out of hot water, take some time to read up on the ins and outs of what is and what isn't spam. Though you may be excited about getting the word out about your company, the last thing you want is to have your email marketing plan shut down and have damaging accusations hanging over your head.

Putting Together Your Email Marketing Plan:

Build Your List:

Only send the messages to people who have given you the permission to do so and to those who have visited your website within the previous year and have furnished their emails ids. This way, you can ensure that your list is fresh and active.

If you can't send out thousands of email pitches to absolute strangers to promote your WAHM business, the best way to gain an audience for your email marketing plan is to build a list of people who you can email on a regular basis.

When it comes to email marketing best practices, opt in email permission marketing is the safest route of lead generation and list building. This means that before becoming an active member of your list, a customer will have to respond to an opt-in notification to ensure that they have truly decided to receive marketing mailings from you.

Having your customers participate in an opt-in process keeps you safe from being labeled as a spammer. In addition, to make sure your email doesn't get lost in their bulk folders, ask each new subscriber to add the address for your list to their list of safe contacts.

If you intend to give nothing, you are going to get nothing. This adage also holds true in case of an email internet marketing strategy. Offer something of value such as an e-book or a report in return for his/her email id. Collect email ids at several points of contact such as the point of purchase, from the call center and during sales calls.

Always remember to give people something in order to make the prospect of joining your list seem appealing. One of the quickest ways to entice customers to become a part of your email marketing plan is to offer them free and valuable in return such as a free gift, eBook, or report.

The Email:

The subject line: The subject line should include the name of the recipient, your company's name, brief information about the offer and the time line. For instance, a good subject line should read something like this, ‘Michael, get a 50% discount on XYZ product from ABD Corp until March 31st.

You need to understand that 69% of emails that are discarded without even being opened have a weak subject line. This is the first and most important opportunity to grab your reader's attention so make it good.

The body of the message: Ensure that you message is not too lengthy. If it does go beyond a few paragraphs, you should segment it based on the preferences or the interests of your readers. Make sure that the message is personalized and not only includes the name of the recipient but is also geared to meet his requirements.

Get Tech Savvy:

Manage your email list using an auto responder service to keep things as easy as possible for you. Spending less time on your email marketing plan will also give you more time to manage other aspects of your WAHM business.

Invest in a solid auto-responder system that will take care of the troublesome areas of email marketing, including sign-up form templates, confirming opt-ins, sending mass mailings, timed mailings, handling removal requests and more. A good auto-responder company will also have the capability to show you how to send HTML email newsletters to certain subscribers, while ensuring that others get text only emails.

Take a Test:

In order to get the most results from your email marketing plan, don't get stuck in a rut. You can take advantage of split testing software to streamline and refine your email marketing plan.

In the same way you can test landing and squeeze pages to determine which page is best at converting new leads, you can also split and track your email lists in order to decide which marketing tactics work best at converting readers to customers.

Additionally, you can design your landing pages to appeal to different types of customers, and as those pages convert new list members, it's often wise to divide those prospects into separate lists.

For example, if your WAHM business provides parenting tips, it could be a smart move to design one squeeze page for moms, another that is aimed at dads, and yet another that speaks to both parents. As customers sign up from those pages, you can develop lists that speak to the readers in the same voice you used for your squeeze page.

Test the email delivery softwares: Ensure that you test your messages on a plethora of software such as HotMail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and others so that you can be sure that your readers will receive your message regardless of the email service that they use. It is also essential to remember that many readers will not be able to view images, so you should never send a graphics only message.

A good time to send the email: According to marketing research, Tuesday is the best day to send out email because it has the highest per day open rate while Thursday is the busiest. Even though you can send out an email on Friday morning, do not bombard people with emails over the weekend. Test what would be the best days for your visitors.

Befriend Your List:

Remember that no one wants to be subscribed to a list where each and every email is nothing but a glorified sales pitch. An astute WAHM marketer will design their email marketing plan around pieces of content that your readers look forward to opening every time your email lands in their inbox.

If it fits in with the theme of your WAHM business, try taking on a conversational tone with your email marketing plan. Speak to your readers, not just as potential sources of sales and income, but as friends that you care for.

Make sure your marketing emails always carry tone of wanting to help readers solve their problems, so they don't get turned off by the sense that you're only talking to them to make money.

If you constantly pummel them with relentless promotions, they will soon tire of this and opt out. A safe thumb rule is to limit your promotional messages to 25% of the emails that you send out. This will certainly help in improving your conversion rates.

Ask for Advice:

In order to pull the most conversions from your mailing list, you need to shape your email marketing plan by finding out exactly what your subscribers want to buy. You can do this by simply asking them.

On a recurring basis, take the time to conduct polls or surveys of your new and existing subscribers to find out what they hope to gain from being a part of your list. Then, pay careful attention to the results and find a way to deliver what they are asking for.

Improve the Effectiveness of Email Marketing Campaigns

Offer Relevant And Useful Giveaways: When you ask your visitors to give you the privilege of sending them relevant messages, you are asking for something very precious. So, it is important that you offer something useful, relevant and attractive in return. Ensure that the thank you gifts that you send out periodically or the offers on the squeeze page are relevant to the niche. If people who visit your page have little interest in the product that you are offering them, you can be sure that they will be equally disinterested in any future offers that you send them.

Ensure that your list is targeted: It is imperative to focus your efforts on a specific niche when compiling the list of email addresses. This way you can ensure that your promotional messages are well received because they will always be relevant.

Offer other useful information: Since you will already know what interests the people in your list, you may also want to offer them information on other sites or products that they may find interesting. A little bit of effort on your part can go a long way in establishing trust and loyalty.

Regular contact: Don't send out a message once in a blue moon. Regular contact with the people in your list will not only help you to build trust, but will also keep them interested in what you have to say and sell. It is vital to establish a pattern of communication, so that you can tell your readers when they can expect to hear from you again. You don't have to give specific dates but some time next week or in a few days should do.

Work with a single objective: Ensure that you are clear about the objective of sending the message and that you let the recipient of the mail know about it. If you cover several topics in one email, you will simply confuse and distract your readers.

Keep the message personal and short: Ensure that your message do not run into the next millennium, very few people have the time to read page after page of information. So, while you should personalize the messages, make sure that they are brief.

Don't overwork your list: How would you like to receive promotional emails a few times every day? Boring and annoying, right? Your customers will echo your sentiments so ensure that you do not send more than 3 promotional messages per week.

Show them your appreciation: If you just send out emails with promotional information, you will exhaust the patience and interest of your readers very fast. Always make sure that you show them how much you appreciate the privilege that they have given you by offering a free e-book or a helpful tool. Do this at least once or twice a week and you will be able to ensure reader loyalty.

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